Jeff Wilk

• Make sure bilge pumps are kept clean. Most times failure occurs mid-season from being clogged. Most pumps can be popped right out of their holder. Check the screens and make sure they are clean.
• Intake hoses such as AC and engine intakes tend to have mussel growth throughout the season for boats that are not used too often. This can cause engines to overheat as well as suction problems. You should dive (or hire a       diver) to check your thru hull fittings to make sure they are clean.
• Your on/off valve on your thru hull fittings should be checked periodically and worked at least once per month to make sure they stay operational and do not stick open.
• Keep an eye on your trim tab zincs, shaft zincs and engine zincs to make sure they are still functional.
• Exterior Maintenance – having your boat detailed throughout the summer months will not only keep it looking great, but will help to keep it protected from the negative effects of the hot sun. Keeping up on your vessel now prevents     excessive maintenance come the following Spring.
• Give your boat a much needed wash now and again to keep the salt from building up.
• Taking care of your cushions is a big part of longevity to them. Clean them periodically with Spray Nine wash and then coat with 303 Aerospace Protectant.