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We are very excited to get the word out about our new facility and services. Your vessel is a major investment, which is why I want to give you my personal guarantee that when your vessel comes to us for service, it leaves in top condition. In order to deliver on our promise of superior service, I will be posting helpful maintenance tips on a regular basis so that you, the boat owner, can take part in helping to keep your maintenance costs down.

Spring is upon us – check your vessel for these important items before you launch:

  • Make sure your bilge pumps are operational
  • Check to make sure your navigation lights are in working order
  • Check that your flares, fire extinguishers, and safety equipment are up-to-date
  • Check that your life jackets are in good condition and up-to-date. Did you know that life jackets expire?
  • Most importantly . . . don’t forget to put your drain plug in before launching!!!

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